Keyboard shortcut to minimize Window

Hey fellow munich people :smiley:
as a programmer i can really apreciate your shortcuts.
All that i wish for now is a keyboard shortcut to minimize the window.
Also maybe a shortcut to fullscreen a minimized but selected window, so i don't have to use my mouse ever again :slight_smile:

a programmer from Munich

Minimize is already integrated in macOS (default is cmd+m) or a custom one by changing the shortcut assigned to Window => Minimize

Thank you,
is there a shortcut to maximize again, because if i minimize chrome for example, then switch to another application, then switch to chrome via cmd+tab, chrome stays minimized.

Hi @Elias_K
I don't know if you need this anymore, but you make your own shortcut for maximising a window by:

  • Open BTT
  • Press Command + 4
  • Make a new Shortcut.
  • Record whatever shortcut you want (eg. Command + Shift + M)
  • Assign the action to: 'Move & maximise all windows to mouse display'

This will allow you to press Command + Shift + M to maximise a window.

It should look like this once finished: