Keyboard Shortcut 'keyboards with same type' not working

I'm on 4.298. I have two Logitech M720 mice (one at home, one in the office) and have bound a trigger to it's extra thumb button, which is recognized as the keypress Ctrl-Up.

I previously programmed it for one of the mice using the Trigger Conditions option "Works on keyboards with same type", but discovered I need separate entries for my home and office mice (identical models, but apparently detected as different types). I created a duplicate configuration in the office today, but when I got home the original entry stopped working.

I tried re-recording the 'home' preset, but now it is responding to the mapped ^Up shortcut on any keyboard. Exporting both (home & office) triggers to a file and comparing, I can see that the one recorded in the office has "BTTKeyboardShortcutKeyboardType" : 2091, while the one I just re-recorded is showing as "BTTKeyboardShortcutKeyboardType" : 0,. The 0 explains why it's listening to any keyboard now.

The previously working home configuration that I exported to backup shows a KeyboardType 2037, but that configuration is not working tonight (as a test I deleted both triggers and re-imported that previously-working backup).

Any ideas? Thanks

Side note/feature-request: When importing a preset for a UUID that already exists, instead of just giving a warning about duplicates, it would be convenient to include an option/prompt to overwrite/delete the previous version.