Keyboard Shortcut for Menu Bar Icons in the upper RIGHT corner of screen (APPLE Menu Bar)

Is there anyway to activate/select icons located in the upper RIGHT corner of the screen (Apple Menu Bar)??

( As shown in the image, circled in red) How would I keyboard shortcut to that icon?

I know you can manipulate/select controls from the menu bar items for running apps (in upper left corner), but how can I do the same for the icons in the upper right corner?
All/Any Help appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

there is no standard way to access these items. I recommend to use Automator to record a workflow that does this, then look at the generated Apple Script (by copying and pasting the recorded actions from Automator to a text editor.

Your example can be clicked via Apple Script like this:

tell application "System Events" to ¬
	tell application process "TextInputMenuAgent" to ¬
		tell menu bar item 1 of menu bar 2
			click menu item "Show Keyboard Viewer" of menu 1
		end tell

Being able to access menu bar items was recently added as a feature to Bartender and it is glorious. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to them from within the app, and even add modifier keys such as ⌘ ⌥ etc.

Bartender is an app that I recommend to anyone with a Mac. (If you have Setapp, Bartender is included; otherwise, it's $15 which is dirt cheap for all that it does. I would pay 3x that much.)

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