Keyboard shortcut and national layouts


I would like to define a gesture to a keyboard shortcut hardcoded into an application (Dash).

This keyboard shortcut uses some characters not present on my french keyboard: [ and ]. On my french keyboard, I need to use Alt+Shit+( to enter [.

How can I define a shortcut mapped to Cmd+[ ?

I tried to switch the keyboard the time of defining the shortcut, but as soon as I revert back to the french one, the shortcut change to Cmd+^. ^ and [ have the same position on the US/French keyboard.

Any hint on how to resolve this ?

I asked the developer to introduce the ability to redefine shortcuts in his application months ago, but I don't think this will be implemented.


on macOS you can change the keyboard shortcuts of any app in system preferences -> keyboard -> shortcuts.

However you can also just use the predefined action "trigger menubar menu item" in BetterTouchTool.

Usually you would just press the keys that produce the [ on your keyboard and ignore what BTT is showing.

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