Keyboard sequences not shown in settings

Dunno what happened - I did set up some keyboard sequences that work fine, but they are not shown in the config menu anymore - I am confused. Where can I get the visible again?

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MBP
  • macOS version: Latest Ventura
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.184 (2403)


are they shown in the bottom „hidden sections“ submenu? Maybe you accidentally hid zhem in the Bettertouchtool UI settings

no hidden section here - at least can't find it

can't uplaod screenshot :--(( what I am seeing

Maybe a stupid question: Are you looking at the right place? Are the Key Sequence global or set up for a specific app, with a CAG?

If they work they must be somewhere :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok so you see the Keysequences / Tastensequenzen section in the Dropdown, but you don't see the sequences you have configured.

Basically 3 options:

1.) The preset containing the sequences is hidden in the UI:

2.) You are looking at the wrong App / CAG

3.) There is a database corruption.

If you can rule out option 1 and 2, please go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to, maybe I can see something

send you the logs

any findings (;((

still hoping for help

Can you post some examples of keyboard sequences that are not shown for you but still work?


Option u + u = ü
Option u + o = ö
Option u + a = ä
Option u + Shift o =Ö
Option u + Shift u =Ü
Option u + Shift a = Ä

Are you sure they are caused by BTT? Have you tried quitting it?
(I can't seem to reproduce it with the debug data)

Should be BTT cause I did set them up There. I could see them but now they are gone

I checked (:slight_smile: that's more than weird. I did set them up in BTT as I saw that here - but it works with BTT disabled too. Any chance that BTT cleaned that up as those settings seem to be in MacOS?

BTT does nothing if it's not running, and it doesn't change system settings. Maybe this is set up in the standard text replacements of macOS?

I unterstand what you are saying but I actually did set them up in BTT as I found the way to that here (:slight_smile: but go figure

did you quit BTT completely? (so you can't see it running in the system Activity Monitor anymore)

If so there is no way BTT is connected to this :-/

only some monitor is running nothing else, sequences are still there

I meant the Activity Monitor app:

If BTT is not listed there, then this must some from somewhere else

yep I understand (:0 Only thing I can imagine is that those combinations are actually macOS. I definitely did set them up in BTT as I learned about those sequences here, but as they are form macOS BTT just didn't save them. No other explanation I can think as I definitely wouldn't know where to set them up otherwise