Keyboard Only Snapping

Hi. I'm trying to figure out a way to trigger the snap overlay and window move/resize from a keyboard shortcut. The intended workflow would be something like this:

  1. Hit a keyboard shortcut like CMD-Opt-W
  2. BTT displays the configured snap area overlays (similar to what I see when editing snap areas)
  3. Cycle through the snap areas with arrow keys to select the desired snap area
  4. Hit "return" to place the current window within the selected snap area.

If this is not possible, I'd like to suggest it as an enhancement. The snap areas are a great visual feedback and cycling through the areas with arrow keys would reduce the number of keyboard shortcuts I have to memorize. I love keyboard navigation but my old memory is getting filled up trying to remember them all. I love the idea of snap areas and I really love the BTT visual snap editor so it would be great to combine these for moving windows around.

Not exactly what you want, but with a custom context menu you can imitate your workflow pretty well.

A shortcut opens the menu. Navigate with the arrow keys to the desired window position. Press enter. The front window takes the new position and the menu closes.

The menu could eg look like this (with or without text/icons).


Thanks. That's the workaround I've been using but it creates a lot of tedium when I create a new snap area or change existing. Also creating the images for the areas is getting to be too much effort for the payoff. Appreciate the suggestion though.

Ah :joy: sorry, I uselessly told you what you already knew.
If I understood correctly, there will soon be new predefined actions for the snap areas. Maybe they will help to realize what you want.