Keyboard navigation in Trigger Predefined Action


This is probably better described as an unintended behaviour than a bug, but it is undesirable nonetheless. When using the keyboard to select an option from the Trigger Predefined Action dropdown menu, the use of the Enter key to initiate selection will also confirm any secondary dialogue boxes caused by the selection of that trigger.


  1. In the BetterTouchTool interface, select the Keyboard category.
  2. Click Add New Shortcut or Key Sequence.
  3. Click on the Trigger Predefined Action dropdown menu.
  4. Type in the word 'menu' and wait a moment for search results to appear.
  5. Tap the button however many times you need, to select the "Trigger Menubar Menu-Item" choice.
  6. Press the Return key to select the option.

Expected Result

The menubar item dialogue box is ready to use.

Actual Result

The menubar item dialogue box is immediately confirmed, as though having pressed Enter or Return a second time.

Device information:

Type of Mac MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar / 2016
macOS version 10.12.6 (16G1815)
BetterTouchTool version 2.717