Keyboard Maestro - Calling macros and macro groups with AppleScript using BTT gestures

Hello Keyboard Maestro users,

I always use BetterTouchTool gestures to call Keyboard Maestro macros or macro group / palettes.
Since I want to avoid too many shortcuts or other triggers in Keyboard Maestro, I use the integrated AppleScript.

You can see how I create such a workflow in this video. At the end of the video I also show the workflow, with the macros I created to make it easier to create the BetterTouchTool gestures.

If you are interested in the Keyboard Maestro macros, please contact me.

If someone has suggestions for improvements, then always use them.
You never learn from :nerd_face:

Hi @appleianer , thank you for sharing this neat method. I'm trying to access and download the shared kmmacros but both links redirect me to to an error page that displays

" Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

Could you please share a working link? TIA.

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Hi @airbibbler, please excuse the inconvenience. The reference to the KM macros does not seem to work with the BTT forum.
You can get the KM macros from me. I have also extended them a little.
Would make you also again a short video guidance.

Are you also in the Keyboard Maestro Forum? If so, it would make sharing easier for me. Could you please tell me your nickname there.

Many greetings from Germany :nerd_face:

Just a note: I think the forum should allow the attachments if you zip them.

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Many thanks for the info :+1:
I'll try it or just use a cloud link (Google etc.) to the macros.
Since I have reworked the macros a bit, I will rebuild my post.