Keyboard lagging BTT + Big Sur

Hi everyone, I am running Big Sur 11.2.1 and am having some troubles with BTT on one of my two MBPs. My older 2017 13" MBP is fine. On my newer 2019 16" MBP, BTT is unusable. The two instances of BTT are configured identically but on the 16" laptop, I am experiencing very serious keyboard lag, and command + tab is totally unusable. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I'm perplexed, especially since the two computers are running the same OS with identically configured BTT.

I have tried the latest Alpha release as well, but it does not appear to have changed anything.

Thanks in advance.

if you have the experimental dropbox/icloud sync enabled try to disable that.

Tried that (it was enabled). No dice.

if it was enabled the issue was most likely caused by it, did you try to restart BTT after disabling it?

If nothing helps try resetting BTT by deleting this folder ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool