"Keyboard Cleaning" Raycast extension

Hello! I wanted to ask you if you would like to create a Raycast extension that disables/enables keyboard, a.k.a. KeyboardCleanTool, but from Raycast?

It would be awesome and, I guess, not that hard. There is a way to run shell scripts or apple scripts, something like that, or event much more complicated stuff, I believe.

I could do it on my own, but I just can't find a proper script that can do the job. I'm pretty sure it'll gain good number of installs because Raycast is all about the little utilities and productivity stuff which people like, and I will use it 100%!

there is a undocumented setting in KeyboardCleanTool that let's you start the cleaning mode right after starting the app:

defaults write com.hegenberg.KeyboardCleanTool startAfterStart YES

With this you can just launch/quit the app to start/stop cleaning mode.

The question is about the Raycast extension suggestion, which will replace KeyboardCleanTool utility itself for people, who use Raycast.

Without KeyboardCleanTool being installed? Sorry I think I don't understand. In that case you'd need to reimplement all the keyboard blocking code, permissions etc. in the extension.

So, actually, it's much and more complicated than just turning off some kext or anything in the system, right? Becuase I thought that it's simple, so why not to create an extension for easy access.

Yes, what KeyboardCleanTool does is a bit more complicated, I think there are no apple scripts / shell scripts that can do this.

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