Key sequence Vs. Shortcut

Hello there! I'm a big fan of BTT, thanks for all the effort you put in it.

I've recently got a macro keyboard, and initially I've set some keyboard shortcuts for remapping the keystrokes to actions. For example, the first key (A) launches Finder, the second key (B) maximizes the current window. I set "Trigger Conditions" to "Works on keyboards with same type as used for recording", and this way it's not triggered when I press those keys on my Mac's keyboard.

However, I wanted to do something like this, for example for the A key:

  • Pressing once opens Finder in the Desktop folder
  • Pressing twice opens Finder in the Downloads folder

So after setting up the shortcut, I went on to set a Key Sequence. And it works fine.

However, and here comes my question (or request): is there any way to make a key sequence prevent a shortcut to be triggered? If not, is there any way to achieve what I want, with different actions for 1, 2, or 3 subsequent same-key presses?

Thank you :pray:

Key sequences in general can not block the shortcut from reaching the system (there are of course exceptions. e.g. when you use the predefined action "Start Blocking Keyboard Input" and "Stop Blocking Keyboard Input"

However for your use case it's probably easiest to use the meta-action "Cycle through multiple actions". That will allow you to trigger different actions if you execute a trigger multiple times.

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Hi Andreas, thanks for the quick reply.

I tested "Cycle through multiple actions", but I wanted them to be mutually exclusive. If I press twice a key, I don't want to trigger the action that is caused by one press. Is this possible somehow?

Ah sorry, I misunderstood.
This is currently indeed only possible with key sequences.

Maybe you could add a dummy keyboard shortcut to block the input, and additionally have two key sequences to handle your use case.

I think having double/triple press for standard keyboard shortcuts would be a good addition for one of the next BTT versions.


Not sure I understand. Wouldn't the sequences conflict between them?

Yes please! Would love to try it out in the future.

It would not interfere. For example define an a key for your macro pad in keyboard shortcuts:

And additionally two key sequences:

For the single a key sequence it's important to adjust the time it needs to wait:

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This is exactly what I needed, @Andreas_Hegenberg !

Thank you so much!