key sequence issue with new UI interface

Maybe I'm just confused about the new interface, but i do not find how to assign a key sequence within the new interface. I have the following:

Nothing urgent obviously since i can use the old interface for that :wink:



ah sorry, I think this is a bug I have introduced with one of the last updates. Will fix.



Fixed in v3.081 (currently uploading)

Hey there,
I still appear to be having this issue in 3.084. If the old UI works then that's fine, but I thought I would bring it to light still; Key sequence stays blank and isn't recognized, but assigned actions shows fine.

You are right, my fix doesn’t seem to be active yet. I’ll make sure to upload a fixed version tomorrow.

Hi there,
Key Sequences seems not working for me. Pressing the pre-configured sequence of keys doesn't start the short cut. When I press any key I hear the error sound coming from MacOS.

I think the new ui configuration should now be fixed in v3.086 alpha (get via "check for alpha version updates"), would be great if you'd confirm.

Worked perfect! Thanks!