Key sequence is not triggered by remote computer using VNC

I use a windows PC to remotely control the MAC through realVNC. The BTT is the only software that supports the keyboard shortcut mapping with remote PC keyboards. (Karabiner is completely not effective at all). However, the "key sequence/Typed words" cannot be triggered like the "keyboard shortcut". Is there any settings required to make the "key sequence" trigger also effective from remote PC with VNC?

sorry, I don’t think there is a way to make this work.

How come? If the keyboard shortcut can work properly, why can't the keyboard sequence work likewise? The keyboard shortcut is just a subset of keyboard sequence, right?

unfortunately they operate on different API. Most likely over VNC also only simple shortcuts work not e.g. shortcuts configured to differentiate between left/right modifier keys.

All the keyboard shortcuts work property currently. Actually the key sequence also worked over VNC during Sep. 3 to Sep. 7. I think the key sequence failed after upgrading the BTT to the latest version. I restored to the previous version, unfortunately the key sequence still failed after that. I was hoping that you know the insight of this issue and can fix it. If it worked once, there is a possibility that it should be fixed, right?

maybe you can try an older version (Index of /releases), however I’m not aware of any change that would affect this. I thought this never worked because VNC doesn’t send the events on a low enough level.

I forgot to mention one thing. Originally the keyboard shortcuts also cannot be triggered. It worked after I checked "Always use old keyboard shortcut implementation". Maybe the key sequence is not working simply because this settings is not applied to the key sequence. What do you think?

that’s what I meant with “simple” shortcuts - the old implementation only allows for simple ones and uses a different API. But then I don’t think there is any way the key sequences have worked before ;-(

I see. I'm pretty sure the key sequence once worked for a short period of time and for some reason it ceased to work. Anyway, I've found an alternative solution. Thank you for the explanation.