Key is recognised within my chosen app, but the shortcut doesn't get sent


I have a small external 10-key keypad which now seems to be working well within BTT. However I have one odd thing though; whilst the keypress for my key10 is recognised during setup and in my chosen app (The HUD pops up fine) the assigned shortcut doesn't seem to be sent to the app (Davinci Resolve).

Please see attached video. I have assigned the space bar to both key4 and key10 of my keypad. Like many media apps, space plays/pauses media playback. As shown in the video, both my keys are recognised within Resolve, but for some reason the space from key10 is ignored. From key4 it works fine.

One thing I did notice when using the BTT analyser during setup; whenever I press key10 it's recognised fine by BTT and the log gets updated, but the Mac also plays a "bong" sound. The general alert for "you can't do that here". The target device (keypad) has "Try to get exclusive access to device" enabled.

I'm very confused! :slight_smile:


Does this keypad work as a standard keyboard in BTT?
If so, using the "Generic Devices" approach might cause some problems because even if BTT recognizes for example key4, the keyboard will still send its default to the system.

You can check this by going to the keyboard shortcuts section in BTT. If BTT is able to recognize the keys there, it would be better to use that instead of the generic device approach.
You can make device specific shortcuts by selecting this:

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Perfect, thanks Andreas - all working fine now.