Key binding for only 1 keyboard?

I see there's the setting for "Works on all keyboards" vs "works on keyboards of the same type" and I can't find any documentation for what that entails.

I swear I read that the newer way BTT does the key bindings let you differentiate between keyboards and shortcuts for each one, but I can't find it anywhere now.

My one keyboard is a wired Razer Tartarus, and my second keyboard is a wireless Nuphy Air. I wasn't sure if thats what it means by "type", but I also tried setting the Tartarus to ANSI and my Nuphy to ISO and that didn't do anything either.

Ideally I could map things on the Tartarus, and still be able to actually type with my normal keyboard.

Is this possible with BTT? Is there some other setting I should double check?

Love this app!

I got it working by rebooting :person_shrugging:

Now I'm trying to figure out if theres some way I can remap a key to "hold shift", like when I hold down Z (17 on the Tartarus) to act as if I'm holding down shift. It seems to just want to toggle it repeatedly, and it also still types Z randomly lol

keyboard recognition only works if "Secure Input Mode" is not active. Some terminal apps e.g. activate it by default or sometimes an app forgets to deactivate it. BTT will show a warning about this when clicking the menubar icon.

The predefined action "shift key down" and "shift key up" might help you, however simulating modifier keys can be tricking depending on the usecase

Thanks! Yeah I had to go back to Karabiner at least for games I think. I don't see any way to hold down keys, like "hold shift to run". I tried setting Z (key 17) on the Tartarus to shift on key down and shift on key up but it just doesn't send it in a way the games understand for some reason. I can hold it and type and it'll be shifting my other letters, so not sure what its issue is lol.

Still using BTT to remap 1000 other shortcuts, just nothing on the Razer device for gaming for now