"Keep group open while switching apps" behaviour

Describe the bug

The "Keep group open while switching apps" option not working, in my case when switching from a "Show BTT, Hide mac CS" app to a "Show Mac TB, Hide mac CS on open" app.

Affected input device: TouchBar
Device information:

  • BetterTouchTool version: 2.854


Mhh this is pretty much expected as the "Show App Default Touch Bar" thing is explicitly made for hiding all BTT Touch Bars.

Is there an override that prevents this while in an open group? Basically I want a group to always persist everywhere while it's open

I don't think so ;-(
You may be able to automatically reopen it after a specific CAG has been activated

hmmm, in this case i imagine it to be quite gimmicky.

Would you mind implementing these for groups?;

  • Always show group while open
  • Remember open state

If not, it's just a small quality feature of AQT anyway.

Unfortunately it's pretty complicated to add this because of the way BTT needs to reload stuff when switching apps, but I'll have a look.

Maybe you could add a condition to your activation group for the app, so it doesn't activate while that specific group is open.

I'd need to turn every single app group I have into a CAG to check the group opened variable to do this :grimacing:, but I see it's kind of possible.

Both or which one?

Wait, what's the difference between them?

Always show group while open
Keeps the group stuck open, doesn't let anything close it incl. app tb behaviour. Nothing can close it except closing the group by trigger

Remember open state
Will dissappear when switching apps, but when you get back to the app it remains open. e.g. doesn't reload it's bar and remembers the last open group

Current keep group open while switching apps:
Does keep it open, but allows the TB behaviour to close the TB and the group. Maybe this should be updated to the always show instead of that as seperate to this...