Just not getting it....[Uploading: Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 1.39.48 PM.png…]()

I'm just not getting it. I have no experience in Javascript, so just kind of trying to make it through with my general understanding of scripts.

The log seems to show that everything is working.
The bttTriggerDeviceTrigger(targetDevice, 'UP'); is there
and UP is added to the Provided Triggers list.

What else is missing?

You have successfully set up a input analyzer for your device. Now to trigger an action when the "UP" trigger is executed, you need to add that and assign an action:

Thanks for the help, that make sense, I was thinking I had to make an analizer for everybutton for some reason.

Alright, I got that set up, but still not working... Anything else I might be missing?

Incase it might be helpful, here's the target device info: