Java program freezes when BetterSnapTool is running

I hope I'm at the right place - didn't find a section for BetterSnapTool

I've enjoyed this software for a year and a half now - incredibly satisfied with it.

However I started running into extremely annoying bugs around the same time I installed BetterSnapTool on my 2016 MBP. I've had this bug on every update of BetterSnapTool, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave since March 2017 (when I installed BetterSnapTool). I always keep my computer and softwares up to date. I linked those bugs to BetterSnapTool last week only.

I use a Java platform for trading stocks - MarketPro - very common among brokers. I'm with BMO Investorline but it's also used by MerrillEdge and other serious brokers. It's a program that launches using Java from a .jnlp Java file that has to be downloaded from an online session on the broker's website every time for security reasons.

The bug is very simple: the program running under Java completely freezes, the cursor starts spinning until I force quit the whole Java platform. It can take as little as 10 seconds into a session. I've never been able to use it for over 10 minutes without a freeze.

I am not even trying to snap any Java windows when the freezes occur. Java windows won't snap anywhere anyway. Just having the program open and clicking anywhere in the space triggers freezes randomly.

So last week I got sick of this and had the time to investigate further. I disabled applications one by one to find out that BetterSnapTool is the one messing with my trading platform. I can finally use it after a year and a half of thinking the problem was coming from the platform itself.

Looking forward to an update! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately that's definitely a bug in the Java app that can not be fixed in BetterSnapTool. (It probably doesn't implement the macOS default APIs correctly)

However an easy workaround would be to disable BetterSnapTool for that specific app (click the BetterSnapTool icon while the problematic app is active, then select "Disable for current application")

Your solution works about 80% of the time. I still get the usual bug, but far, far less often. At least I'm able to use the Java app... thank you