I've lost my incon. Please, please, please Help me.

Hello, the users of the wonderful BTT users.
Please, please, please help me.
I accidentally deleted my apple player repeat icon and unfortunately, I can't help myself.
But fortunately, all of you can help me with a little bit of time.

In order to help me, you want to go to the configuration of the BBT, and select the touchbar category. If you look at the near of the bottom of the left page and you would be able to find 'Now Playing [Apple Music Controls].' Click it and now you can find 'Repeat (Apple Music) Script:.' Now if you look at the near the right bottom, you'll find two icons. Those two icons are the things that I desperately need. In order to get those icons' files, you can simply right click the 'Repeat (Apple Music) Script:' part and click 'Save Incons for Selected Triggers to File.' Finally you can choose where to save it and please attach them under this comments.
Thank you so much.

Is this: Repeat Icon what you're looking for?

Yes, it is. Thank you.

:call_me_hand: No worries dude