it's very slow to edit touchbar button background colors and padding

I end up changing the colors and spacing of my touchbar buttons a lot, and

  1. can you please make the enter key save changes and close the 'advanced options' box when editing touchbar buttons? i edit these all the time and esc deletes my changes.

  2. it takes 6 (!) clicks to change the color of each button's background. this is a huge pain. i change these a lot. can you add like some keyboard shortcuts or something?

I vote this, though I wish for a UI overhaul

Current BTT UI works well, but is kinda messy and has sooo many layers to click through

I suggest adding a left-contextual sidebar much like pages, numbers and keynote.

I'm working on a mockup for a new BTT for @Andreas_Hegenberg to be posted under a new thread. It might take a while since i'm busy but hope it would be helpful!

No need to create a mockup, I have already some pretty good concepts I'd use.
The problem is - UI is A LOT of work. BetterTouchTool has steadily grown during the last 8-9 years and replacing the UI is a task that would take up all of my time for months.

I'm constantly working on "low hanging fruit", but a complete overhaul is currently unrealistic, especially before we know exactly what happens with Marzipan.

@beeteatea the enter key is a good idea, I'll add that. However it probably won't get much easier to change the button color, I mean 3-4 clicks are already caused by the macOS color picker UI. In some cases (e.g. if you want to change the background color for many items) it may be easier to export your preset and search & replace the color in the resulting bttpreset file (which is just JSON).

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awesome re the enter key!

what about showing the button color in the main list of touchbar shortcuts? then i could easily use the 'visible' checkbox to effectively switch colors(*). that's probably easy to do? and combined w/ the enter key thing, this would solve 95% of my "issue".

(*) i'd have to pre-make a bunch of buttons, but that's ok. i really just toggle backgrounds between black/grey/super bright depending on what i'm doing

maybe it would help to just create different presets for your different use cases? Then you wouldn't have to change them so often and could easily switch between them.

I think the overview UI is already crowded enough, adding more to it will make it even more frightening :slight_smile: (also where to stop? the next person might want to have a padding slider there)

Also I think a tool as complex and customizable as BTT will never have a "simple" UI. Other than the touchbar stuff above, I think the UI is really great. And the amount of stuff that's scriptable is truly amazing.

Oh right I forgot about padding. Yeah you're right I should make presets, forget the 'color column' idea, it's bad. I'll take a look at the preset loading stuff, I don't use it at the moment.


The presets can be pretty powerful. You can activate any combination of presets via the "Switch to Preset" predefined action.

I'm currently planning an integrated JSON editor which would make it easy to just search&replace colors and similar stuff for many items. This is clearly targeted at advanced users but may also help in your case.

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I have an idea that isnt as hard as an overhaul:

See iTunes songs view, you can edit the details directly in the table view (item list.)

You can also hide and show your favourite columns to enter


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Maybe chuck in a few params from the advanced settings, e.g. padding and a colour well to easily change without opening up any more stuff

stick to left - middle - right would be useful too..

I didn't know there was an action that lets me switch presets w/ a gesture or shortcut. Perfect! BTT is full of awesome surprises like this. The enter key thing would still be great if it's easy to do. per usual BTT is 2 steps ahead of me haha.

*those screenshots are from iTunes, by the way


I do wish they where in BTT though.

Configurable Columns Suggestions:

  • Padding [px field]
  • Free Space After [px field]
  • Stick To [Dropdown Button]
  • Icon Only [checkbox]
  • Button Colour [Colour Well]

and of course, make the current items editable in the list as well.

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