Issues with the menu bar icon

I've encountered an interesting problem. Some of my menu bar app icons (like 1Password, TripMode, Google Sync, AText) were disappearing a few seconds after starting my Mac (MacBook Pro 16" 2019, Big Sur 11.5). They were showing up for a second and then they disappeared. The BTT Menu Bar icon were never visible.
I tried to de-install some of my apps to find the cause, but that doesn't help.
Then I opened the BTT preferences (via the dock) and deactivated the option "Show icon in menu bar" - and all of these icons reappeared. After re-installation of the latest version of BTT (3.570), these icons will stay visible after starting the Mac. Unfortunately the BTT icon will not appear, regardless if it's activated in the preferences.

Thanks for any help

you have probably configured the show/hide menubar icons action for some trigger in BTT and forgot about it.

Triggering that action will show/hide the icons

You're right. It was a combination of an unfinished update together with another (similar) shortcut. Problem solved.
Thank you very much :grin: