Issues with Adobe InDesign

For a few days, I have had an issue with BTT and InDesign. I know that because I paused BTT, and the problem was gone. I have this issue where I hear a beep sound (what you hear when you can not execute a command) whenever I double-click the icons of the pages in InDesign.
I think it started with the new update of InDesign.
I'm not sure what causes this issue. I tried to deactivate my trackpad triggers in BTT, but I still have this issue.

Here are some Infos about my Mac, and all of my software is up to date:

And this is how it looks in InDesign. I marked the area where I try to double-click:

I was hoping that the issue would be gone with the next update of BTT, but it didn't.
Is it just me having this issue? :confused:
It's kind of annoying to hear this beep sound every time I double-click on the application frame. Mainly on the pages section.