Issue with the "Show Custom Context Menu (NEW)"

Maybe I'm just missing something, but certain options in the "Show Custom Context Menu (OLD)" are missing from the "Show..(NEW)" option

When I try to create a Context Menu it looks like this:

The "Menu items (one per line):" is also missing..

I stil have the old one, and it looks fine:

Are these SF Symbol icons? By default BTT uses the image size given by the image, but you can set a custom size. But maybe something is wrong with the auto-invert for some images.

The old one won't go away if you prefer to specify in text.

No clue what a "SF Symbol icons" is.. I just used one of the icons that shows up when you click the button.

Also don't see a option to set an icon size. there is one back in the main preference window for "Menubar Item: " but not one for the entries into the customer menu

If you select the menu items on the left you should get the icon & naming options:

A bit confused; In my last screenshot, one of the items ( at the top, the Named Trigger: Screenshot.. )is clicked on but there is no icon size option, just Icon selection and other options.

Oh wait, how did you get the triggers to show up on the left? I think the current alpha does not yet allow to paste them from somewhere else. I'll look into that soon.

Nevermind; I see what might be the issue. I copied the items/actions from the (OLD) custom menu, and pasted them into the (NEW) one.. but they are different "items" (not sure what to call them) .. Instead of "Named Triggers", its a "Context Menu Item"

Still getting weird Icon function though

Ones big and fat, other is small, once white, one is black

Also without the "Menu items (one per line):" option, how do I add spacers/dividers?

good point, I’ll add an option for separators and set a default size for icons

How does the Show Context Menu for Selected Item work? Where do i set what the context menu is for the selected item I want?

You select some item in macOS (e.g. text in a text editor), then trigger the action. BTT will try to open the context menu for that selected item then.