Issue with the Command+Shift+W shortcut

I have an issue with the Command+Shift+W (snapping grid). The problem is that I'm French and my keyboard is AZERTY. Thus for me, the shortcut becomes Command+Shift+Z which often conflicts with other app shortcuts (most of the time it's the shortcut to revert an 'undo' action).

So basically, everytime I update GC-BTT, I have to manually edit the shortcut.
It's not really a problem but I wonder if there would be a way to change this so that the shortcut uses the actual character and not the position of the key on the keyboard...

Thanks a lot.

This change is coming in one of the next few experimental builds. What is a more universal keyboard shortcut? I have to admit I'm struggling to find a replacement that is also comfortable to use with one hand.

Sincerely taking suggestions here.

Well to me the current shortcut is fine!
The only problem is that it's keyboard sensitive. But maybe this is a BTT issue...

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