Issue with Option Key + Mouse Scroll Triggering Arrow Keys

Hello People,

I’m trying to create a trigger in BetterTouchTool for use within a certain app, where holding down the Option key and scrolling the mouse wheel up or down will simulate pressing "Option + Arrow Up" and "Option + Arrow Down" respectively. Here's what I've done so far:

  1. I selected the specific app in the app-specific settings to ensure these triggers only apply there.
  2. I chose 'Normal Mouse' as my input device.
  3. For the first trigger, I've set it to recognize "Option + Scroll Up." I used the "Record Mouse Button" feature and ended up with "Option + Arrow Up" for the scroll up action.
  4. In the action assignment, I chose a keyboard shortcut and specified "Option + Arrow Up."

This setup logically seems correct, and I would expect that every time I trigger "Option + Scroll Up," the assigned "Option + Arrow Up" action would occur. However, it does not work as intended. Interestingly, when I replace the scroll up action with any other mouse button action, like a left click, right click, or even middle click, the assigned keyboard action triggers correctly. The same issue occurs with the scroll down action.

Here's a screenshot of the macro setup for clarity:

Does anyone have know why the scroll action doesn’t trigger the assigned keyboard shortcut, while other mouse buttons do? And how to resolve this issue?

Many Thanks..

Hi everyone.

Just resuming this thread again — I'm still trying to resolve the issue where "Option + Scroll" doesn't trigger "Option + Arrow Up/Down" in BetterTouchTool as expected.

Could the admins or anyone else familiar with this issue provide some guidance or feedback?
Is it a bug in the software ?


I'm having the exact same issue! Trying to map "CMD + Scroll Up" to trigger the key "," (comma) and it wouldn't work. Other buttons on the mouse would work, just not the scroll wheel for some reason.

I'm using a Logitech MX Ergo with LogiOption+, and I have "Use high level mouse event recognition (requires BTT restart)" enabled in BTT (and restarted BTT).

I hope someone can shed some light on this!

I've asked the question twice, but no one answers. I don't know why; it seems like a bug to me. I've tried many times without any success.

Possibly try this terminal command while BTT is quit:

defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool BTTUseHighLevelMouseEvents YES

Hi Andreas, thanks for this. I used the command while BTT is quit, started BTT again, and CMD + Scroll up still doesn't trigger the key ",".

Any other ideas what might be the issue?

it could be some other software that is interfering, but it‘s hard to tell. Are you also using the logitech software?

Yes I'm using LogiOption+. In BTT, I do have "Use high level mouse event recognition (requires BTT restart)" enabled.

If it's due to other software interfering, shouldn't be that no keys on the mouse would work? Because if I use "left click" instead of "scroll up," BTT can successful trigger a keyboard shortcut.

Also having the same problem and using LogiOption+ with "Use high level mouse event recognition (requires BTT restart)" enabled. Running latest OS 14.4.1 + BTT 4.516.