Issue with Adobe Illustrator

I have had this issue for quite some time, but I forgot to mention it.
It seems that BTT and Illustrator having an issue with each other. Whenever I'm working in Illustrator and BTT is running in the background, as usual, and I hit cmd+C to copy something, Illustrator freezes, and I see the beach ball of death. I have to force quit Illustrator and restart it. So whenever I want to copy something in Illustrator, first I have to disable BTT for Illustrator and then copy what I want. But I do not always remember to do so, so it's really annoying.

I think it has something to do with the clipboard manager of BTT.
So it would be nice if that could be fixed soon.

I think there was some way to fix this with some setting in Illustrator, but I don't remember :thinking:

You can disable the clipboard manager for illustrator:

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:thinking: oh yeah? hm…
I think I will disable the clipboard manager for now as you mentioned.
I didn't know this option was available.
So thanks for now