Issue in turning on the "Special Appswitcher".

Hi, I am trying to turn on the special appswitcher through a command button in the Notch bar. I am getting a pop-up that tells me to go to "Preferences => Action settings" but I don't see any area like that to turn this on under Configuration. Where this settings is located?


A quick update: So I found the "Use Special Application Switcher" in the old UI and selected it. Restarted the BTT but whenever I choose "Application Switcher" action in the Notch Bar through a Notch Bar key, I get the started application switcher. How do I see the Special BTT switcher?

Also, I'm on the latest Alpha. The release notes is mentioning some enhancements to application switcher but I am 'stuck' in the default mac application switcher.. any way to reset it or get to the new app switcher?


The special application switcher is now called "Gesture Mode". This is only useful when used with trackpad or magic mouse gestures:

What is new in the alphas (only on macOS Ventura) is the "Show Window Switcher" actions.