Is this kind of icon action normal? The Play/Pause icon is joggling

Hi, everyone. I'm using the latest stable version of GoldenChaos. I have noticed this kind of joggling several times. Just wondering is it only me? Or it's a bug in this version. Thanks.

Video link:

I don't think this is a GC bug - this looks like a rendering issue with how BTT handles quick changes in the output of the now playing text. @Andreas_Hegenberg thoughts?

Funny, I came here after the last BTT update didn't resolve this issue. Just throwing my hat into the ring that I get the same thing with the same app (IINA). It definitely seems to be IINA that causes the problem.

Disabling "Use System Media Control" in IINA > Preferences > Key Bindings prevents the "joggling" (nice word btw!), but it also stops IINA talking to the system media controls altogether, unsurprisingly. Obviously not a solution, but I can imagine some people finding the joggling more annoying than losing the ability to interact with IINA in that way. I'm sure that a workaround for the controls could be made as there is extensive support for key bindings, and, well, BTT is BTT.

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I’ll have a look at IINA does it happen with every video?

Yes, in my experience as long as "Use System Media Control" is enabled (you need to restart IINA for changes to that option to take effect as far as I can tell), just pause any video while using GoldenChaos and you should see the issue. Thanks Andreas, legend

Yea, every video

Will your GC work with ?
I'm playing Apple Music rght now, but nothing (now playing widget) shows up on touchbar

I'm not completely sure, but I hope BTT alpha 3.354 fixes this (available now)

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Amazing! Just updated and the flickering between states has gone! Andreas, I think you're my favourite Mac dev. :slight_smile: Thank you all

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