Is there trigger for external monitor connected

I would like to know if I can trigger actions based upon an external monitor being plugged into my MacBook.

I'm trying to turn off bluetooth if I unplug my laptop. This way I won't be eating up my bluetooth keyboard and trackpad when I'm using my laptop away from my desk.

I thought maybe conditional activation groups might do this but I can't see how.


I'm not aware of such trigger.
If you are ok with playing with applescript then you should check this link:
Now if you look here:
It should be possible to customise those script as trigger for BTT.

Thanks! That's exactly the post I came across after and ended up implementing. I was not super keen on having something run in background perpetually every N seconds. Right now I compiled script as an app and run it under my "Login Items" but its not ideal because I have the app open in my task switcher. I tried to run under apple launchd which worked ok except that on shutdown the script does not stop and causes an abnormal OS shutdown.

Be really nice if there was a way to have BTT trigger.

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