Is there any way to assign Screenshot Icon on menubar To take screenshots? Macbook 14

Previously I was using a MacBook pro 13 and on the touch bar, I have assigned a screenshot icon and key combo to take screenshots and if I press it longer it will take a snap and screenshot.

Now I got a MacBook pro 14 and missing only the touch bar heheheh
is there any way to assign a screenshot icon on the menu bar or I can change the keyboard FN key to reassign like F6 Focus key to change to take screenshots

  1. you can use the Notch Bar. But this covers your whole menubar. If you don't want that...

  2. in the section "... other triggers" you can also add "normal" menubar icons.

Both options work on the principle "the mouse goes to the icon". If you prefer the touch bar (the finger goes to the icon), then...

  1. install the free app Touché. This app replicates the touch bar on the screen. With this you can use all BTT functions for the tochbar. If you place this virtual touchbar exactly over the F-Keys of your MacBook, then the finger can go to the F-Key under the icon. This is very close to the real toch bar.

I hope this is understandable, otherwise just feel free to ask :grinning:

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Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

et voila

Bildschirmfoto von Safari (10-12-22, 19-58-45)


@SLE Very good tutorial :+1:

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it helps a lot now i know how to add menubar icon also


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@nitinvaid20 With BTT & Touché you can click on the icon as well as press the F-Key to trigger an action. This is how I do it and I think it's great :slightly_smiling_face: