Is there an action available to keep a window on top of all other ?


everything is in the title : Is there a way to keep a window on top of other thanks to a gesture / preset ?

I regularly use my calculator app, and I want it to stay on top when I'm on spreadsheets for example;

unfortunately this is not possible without disabling SIP (System Integrity Protection). Thus BTT does not support it ;-(

I don't know what kind of calculator you need, but there are many calculators with floating windows. For example this one in the App Store

There is also the app Afloat.

But I'm not sure if it works with newer Mac Os.

@Andreas_Hegenberg Hi, I see that there is such an operation in BTT:
but it does not work stably. Is the answer you wrote still relevant? Should this be possible?

in general the answer is still true. This action uses a workaround - it pins a video of the chosen application to the top. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with copy protected content like netflix

@Andreas_Hegenberg I'm not interested in attaching a video, but an application, for example to attach the notes in small size and type an email according to the main chapters that I wrote in a note..

that should work OK with the Pin/Unpin focused window action, what kind of issue do you encounter?

When the window is pinned and I walk over it, the screen flickers

unfortunately that's expected. BTT needs to activate the real application if the mouse enters the floating area, otherwise it couldn't react to mouse events ;-(

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Ok, thanks for your work! By the way, is it possible to split the pin operation from the unpin operation?
This way I can add a text layer and the like to announce that the window is pinned (I come from Windows, where in the PowerTyos software this ability came with a thin color band around the application when it is in a pinned state), in the current state I have no way to add an action only to the pin action or only to the unpin action, only to both

Yes I'll add that!

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:+1: Thank you!

Pinned windows have blue corners. It could be clearer, but you can see it.

Is it already found? I cant find it :frowning:
Also I would love this feature for entering/exiting full screen! That's how I can define that pulling with 4 fingers up - will put you in full screen, always, and 4 down - will take you out of it, always :slight_smile:
and not "toggel" action