Is there a way to use BTT to left click on an open app in the dock to return to the previous app as in windows?

Would love to know if there is any way to get a Mac to behave like this.


  1. Save Current Mouse Position
  2. Move mouse to position
  3. Left Click
  4. Restore Saved Mouse Position

Otherwise using ⌘H instead of the Dock for not used apps.

Thanks for reply. Not sure fully follow though.
Lets say have Outlook open and then click on Firefox to see it's window, would be great to be able to click on Firefox icon again to move back to Outlook rather than having to click Outlook icon again.
If that makes sense....?

Ah. Got it.
Add an action "Application Switcher" and attach an action that simulates a keystroke on enter ⏎
This should bring up the app you used right before.

Thanks for trying to help me. I'm struggling to create this. Would this apply to all apps?
Can you possibly please provide more detail on how to do this.

Do you want to activate this with theTrackPad, Magic Mouse or TouchBar?
It will work all the time, it just brings back up the last app you used (basically it simulates ⌘⇥ and releases the key, so it just selects the program on the right go the one you're using - to bring it back in the first plan.

Yes I can see that would work. was hoping to do this left clicking the app on the dock with my logitech mouse

I see that command tab works.
But I think that what I'm requesting might not work on a mac as I want it to go to that application on first click and return to previous app on second then back to clicked app on third and so on.

Why not just hitting ⌘ ⇥ once so? :confused:
Clicking like this on the App icon won't work, as a left click for any app is already used by the system, you'll need at least a modifier key.

Just saw your comment. So basically triggering first app switcher, then app switcher +1, then app switcher +2…
Maybe this is possible with apple script (don't get too excited though) but that's beyond my capacities, unfortunately :confused:

Hey you've been real good. Don't fret.
The command tab thing is real nice to know so thanks for your help.

No problem.
New on macOS? :wink:

Ha ha not as new as you think. But it's always been something that bugged me that I prefer on windows.
Can set my mouse to do hat action now so you've been a great help.

Great to hear that you figured out how to do this! Don't hesitate to ask the community if you need help for anything, it's there for this :slightly_smiling_face: