Is there a way to make trackpad swipes have different behaviour at different screen locations?

Ulysses by default allows the user to swipe left to close the library (swiping on the left side of the screen) or open the inspector (swiping on the right side of the screen). Swipe right behaves the same way but reversed.

Is it possible to recreate this behaviour in other apps using BTT?

you'd need to be more specific. if the app itself has a way to process this then it would be a lot easier. and what kind of swipes are you talking about? it can be set up and it could be simply using hot keys or you'd do a scrip and trigger with gestures.

I want to have a swipe trigger different actions depending on where my cursor is on the screen. e.g. if it’s on the left third vs. the right third.

Or to borrow an example from iOS 12 on iPad : a downward swipe at the centre pulls down notifications; at the right it pulls down control center.

in this case its doable but itll be too complicated to be worth while. i dont think it was designed to differentiate by those parameters. you could use hot corners where you trigger when your mouse touches a roner of the screen. or use custom made snap points and have them do a set of actions triggerd by dragging something into it butt thats still too hard to get right. ihe ipad has the touch sensors directly underneath the screen. the touchpad can do this but it wornt be on screen. you can try changing how swypes are defined like edge to edge or over the edge starts. the pad differentiates notification cneter view this way.

Yeah I looked into it and I think I'd need to use MouseTools to determine the cursor position.

Currently these are the only mouse cursor conditions you can use:

Thanks for pointing that out -- could you consider this a feature request? I'd recommend trying Ulysses to get a feel for it -- it really works well there and feels like a natural extension for any app with a sidebar/library on the L and info pane on the R.