is there a way to make the three finger tap more responsive?

huge fan of the app, it works much better than other alternatives i used.
BUT (and its a big but) the only gesture that is not working well is the three finger tap which i use for middle click and is probably my most used gesture. sometimes it doesn't trigger, sometimes it triggers twice.
are there specific settings to make it more consistent? I doubt its a hard task since every other alternative app gets the three finger tap perfectly.

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I am noticing an inconsistency as well in that it is slow. I have it mapped to open links in a new tab (cmd + click). Earlier it used to open the pages instantly, now it takes like a second to do that. I tried using cmd + click and that open the same page instantly (so it's not a slow browser/computer). Not sure what's going on. I have installed the process priority helper on by Mac BigSur

It also does not trigger sometimes.

if it’s slow make sure you have not configured a three finger double tap (otherwise BTT needs to wait for a second tap), also make sure to not use the macos Accessibility „three finger dragging“.

In case you really need to use the three finger dragging make sure to enable the three finger drag compatibility mode in the BTT settings.

You should also disable any three finger tap system gesture (e.g. lookup)

Makes sense. I disabled one trigger for double tap that I had. Is there anything else that I need to configure/disable for disabling 3 finger double taps

I’m not 100% sure whether disabling is enough, if you still encounter a delay you might need to delete it. I’ll habe a look tomorrow!

I can confirm that deleting (not disabling) the 3 finger double tap gesture makes the single 3 finger tap work as expected. Thanks for the tip @Andreas_Hegenberg

the other three-finger gestures i have are force-click, swipe (all directions are configured) and the tap. do any of them create conflicts with the tap?

also can you elaborate on what i should cancel in the accessibility settings? i didnt find what your'e talking about

so no updates on that? I prefer not to pay another 15$ on multitouch only for the middle click but its honestly not usable on BTT. would love a response on that

unfortunately no update at the moment, just that it‘s working fine here - I have been using it for many years :neutral_face:

If you followed the tips described above and it still doesn’t work, possibly try resetting the BTT settings.

ill try resetting the settings, maybe i touched something i shouldn't have.
just want to point out - this issue is a reccuring topic in reddit threads so its probably not on my side.

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I have the same issue as OP

Version 3.606 should significantly improve three finger tap responsiveness on force touch trackpads

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