Is there a way to "Lock" a Safari window?

Lets say I want to watch youtube playlist or listen to pocketcasts on a safari window and lock it so I don't accidentally close it?

Thanks in advance!

You'd need to look for safari extension that does that - I guess it is possible (you can detect which tab has which URL), I've written some extensions a while ago. There could be issues with preventing the close action, but who knows. I don't know any ready solutions unfortunately.

I'll look into that, thanks for your time!

you could have separate browsers for separate tasks. i use chrome/safari/firefox chrome is used for browsing and it blocks and spoofs as much stuff as i can get it to and i either have a dummy email address logged in or i am logged out of everything. . firefox is for secure input like banking or emails so i have it as secure as possible and leave some stuff logged in. safari is for media/streaming so i can send hotkeys to control me media without focusing on the window. it also makes it easier to manage resources. like if i feel the systejm slowing down i can close all the media or if im browsing and not doing work i can close all the secure input stuff. its a bit more than you asked for and itll take time to implement and sort everything but organization is a lot easier once you get used to having 3browsers. i kinda got into the habit because ive got a iphone for personal and note from samsung for work and this was what it took to makingt hem work together efficiently

On youtube, simply double right click the video and select “Enter Picture in Picture”.

from here you can drag it around, resize, slide it off the screen to get it out of the way when needed.

For audio I’d just use the yellow minus.

I usually keep my web browsing on a seperate virtual desktop: open mission control, move the mouse all the way up to “Desktop 1” then all the way right of that top bar to click the “+” button.

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