Is there a way to disable lightroom default hotkey commands?

I want to use my keys ö and ä for (+) and (-) to increase exposure in Lightroom. Nevertheless if I assign a hotkey W for white balance to my (-) keyboard key, when pressing ä lightroom throws w.

Is there a way to disable the lightroom default hotkey commands?
Thanks for any help

I don't know Lightroom, but basically you can have any shortcut of an app triggered by another shortcut in BTT.

I didn't understand exactly what you want to replace with what, but here's a general example. In this case, typing "ö" will output "-".

Hi Frank, thanks for trying to help.

in general,

I wanted that A triggers B and that B triggers C.

In reality than A triggered C, but I wanted that A to trigger B instead. The problem occurs if a key is one time used as trigger and another time as action.

If I tick "Prevent recursive triggers" for the command A triggers B, it solves the problem

Nevertheless another problem occurs, namely, that "repeat assigned action" does not work if I select "prevent recursive triggers"

Unfortunately this is currently a limitation that can not be worked around. Prevent recursive triggers does not yet work with key repeat.

This will change in one of the next versions.

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Thanks Andreas for letting me know.

@LukasB Exactly, this has been known for a long time and will hopefully be fixed soon.

Until it is so far, I know only one workaround. Look for a combination of characters that give the same result but are not recognized as recursive by BTT.

a = a is recursive.
a = fn a is not recursive and can be repeated.

Depending on the app and the character to be repeated, there are different possibilities. I think by now I know them all, I need this so often :upside_down_face: