Is there a way disable the pop up that appears after taking a screenshot?

I've set up a gesture for taking a screenshot, and have used the 'capture then edit in BTT' action. This suits my needs well because 4 times out of 5 i will need to use the edit screenshot feature to annotate the captured image. However when I click save, I then get another pop up whose only purpose seems to be to let me know that the file has been saved. See image below:

I really don't need this extra step and was wondering whether there is a way to disable it since the information it provides is useless to me.

I am well aware that it only takes a few seconds to close that window and get on with my day, but I take over 100 screenshots a day and after a while it gets kind of tiring to have to close the window. It wouldnt be so bad if I could just press the esc key to ket rid of it.

Is there something I'm missing?

EDIT: ok, so by default the "OK, Close" button is selected and I can just press enter to quickly close the pop up. But still, is there no way to disable that pop up completely? Is there a reason it has to be there? I dont need to upload anything to server and I dont need to open the folder with the screenshot in it.


if you just press cmd+w to close the screenshot editor, the screenshot will still be saved (at the path you can see on the bottom left), and you won't receive that popup. (Basically the save button is just for when you edited the screenshot)

Oh cool. I didn't know that. Thank you

Ah but you also want to get rid of that message after editing. Maybe I can add an option for that with the next update.

Having the option to disable that message, even after editing, would be awesome. It would be great to just hit done after editing and not worry about anything else :grinning:

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