Is the "osascript" Background Item from BTT?

After updating BTT to version 4.022 and then MacOS Ventura to 13.2.1 and performing a restart, I was presented with several "Background Items Added" notifications. The text from one: " "osascript" is an item that can run in the background. You can manage this in Login Items Settings."
And under the Login Items Settings, I have enabled BTT. But the process listed in the notification, such as 'osascript' states the "Item from an unidentified developer".
Scripts and background processes are far beyond my understanding, but I have to ask: Do any of these Background Items relate to BTT?


osascript is a command line tool from Apple that allows to run Apple Script from the terminal.
It's located here: /usr/bin/osascript

BTT does usually not use osascript, and it's quite weird that osascript does show as "unidentified".
Some apps might use osascript to control login items, but BTT does not.

Thanks. I realize this may have nothing to do with BTT. But here is what I did after I posted my question:

I turned off the unknown items. And for lack of additional ideas, removed BTT from my short list of apps that open at login, then restarted. This attempt resulted in BTT being automatically added to the 'open at login' items, so I removed it again, and restarted without any notifications.
Next, I added BTT back to the list of 'open at login' items and restarted again. This combination, or pure luck, has kept the notifications from coming back and kept BTT in my list of 'open at login' items.
Additionally, I kept the unknown osascripts, etc. switched off each restart and have not switched them back on.

Thanks again,