Is "Repeating or Time Based Trigger" supposed to work in background?

I see that it is working in the background when I set the "Repeat every" to 5 seconds.

But I suspect that it might not work when I set the "Repeat every" to the longer duration like 500 seconds.

Is there any known bug related to the "Repeat every" settings?

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Also interested in understanding how this feature works better + seeing some documentation on it.

In case there are people that need to find out where the feature is:

  1. Go open configuration

  1. Open "Named & Other Triggers"

  1. Look for "Repeating or Time Based Trigger"

  1. Finally add an action.

I suspect that it might silently stop if a script should throw an error without being caught. I have not verified about that.

I ended up with running a node script in the background instead of relying on BTT. But it is very handy when I want to do something quick.