is it possible to use BTT to display a list of files from which I would select one ? (ie like a keyboard maestro “palette”)

I would like to create BTT gesture which would for example bring up a short list of my most important MindMaps in MindNode, from which I could select one, for example by typing a number from 0 to 9. This is analogous to creating a menu, which in keyboard maestro we call palettes.
Since I would like to do the same thing with many apps (Scrivener, Scapple, etc) it would be too tedious to create a separate gesture for each file, in addition to the zillion other BTT gestures I use.
I could use app → favorites, but would prefer to create my own list.
thanks in advance for your time and help

You can either add the same gesture multiple times (and name it), then BTT will show a context menu that lets you select the one you really want to trigger.

Alternatively you can use the predefined action "Show Custom Context Menu". That action allows you to specify a list of named triggers you want to show in a menu.

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thank you Andreas. great app ! You are a genius !

Would you have a reference to explain it ? I have no clue how to use it. All I see is a blank box for text. thank you

There should be a description below/above that box :slight_smile:

Basically you create named triggers in BTT and then enter the names in that box (one per line)

so where is the info on named triggers ?
sorry to test your patience

have a look here

thank you Andreas. Now I understand.

1- same gesture multiple times (a kind of conflict menu):
I suggest you add:

  • press escape key quits menu.
  • option to press first letter of a title to trigger it (so not necessary to click)

For those reasons, I would not presently use it because slows down workflow too much.

2- custom context menu + named triggers
The press escape key does quit the menu which is nice.
If i press on the first letter of a title, that item is highlighted which is nice.
I would suggest that if I press on the first letter of a menu item, that item is automatically triggered, so I don't have to press Enter (unless of course there are multiple titles starting with the same letter)

I like the custom context menu + named triggers a lot and hope that you will implement the change (press first letter of title to trigger) which would make it perfect.

thank you

I very much liked the Named Triggers and want to completely restructure my BTT to make use of them.

My problem is that I have a gazillion “trackpad” triggers already in use, which I want to now convert to and use as Named Triggers.

I would now have to create a multitude of new named triggers (which is OK), and also re-copy all the assigned actions for each trigger in the Trackpad Settings which will be very tedious.

Could you suggest some way to transfer or copy paste those trackpad actions to newly created Named Triggers.

Vielen Dank