Is it possible to setup ctrl + mouse scroll to zoom in/out in a browser like on Windows?

On Windows, and I believe on Linux too, you can hold down ctrl + scroll your mouse wheel or trackpad to zoom in or out when viewing a webpage in your browser. I'm sure this used to be a system wide feature of Mac OS X too, but doesn't work anymore after an OS update some time ago. Is there any way this can be setup to work like described using BetterTouchTool?

Zoom out.json (517 Bytes)
Zoom out.json (517 Bytes)

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Oh looks like I posted the same action twice. But you got the idea based on this. :wink:

I use the system feature very often, it's super smooth:

You can even set the zoom window to a small box, which acts like a magnifying glass too! (Zoom Style Picture-in-Picture), and with this mode, turn the cursor into a giant crosshair:

Same! But this is a screen zoom, not like the normal zoom.
Still this feature is gold in some situations!

Thanks for all your help Caliguvara and yuuiko.

Hi there... I can't seem to import your json properly.. I keep getting a message like this

It seems like your import contained items that had previously been imported to BetterTouchTool already. This can lead to unexpected problems. You should always delete earlier versions of a preset before importing a newer version

and then nothing happens

hmmm, seems like there's been a bunch of people asking how to recplicate ctrl + zoom to scroll in a Mac.. I keep getting pointers to Bettertouch and bought it partly for that purpose but there isn't any instructions on how to do this at all. And on top of that the zoom-in trackpad gesture isn't listed as a default gesture I can "map" ctrl + zoom to... Can anybody help?

I also downloaded the bettertouch with this as my goal. Think I have figured it out

I set the trigger as scroll up with a CMD key modifier

I set the output as "send keyboard shortcut" and then set that as CMD and the - key.

I then did the same for scroll down with CMD, and the CMD with the +/= key as the keyboard shortcut

This depends on the app you want to zoom on having CMD with + or - as a zoom keyboard shortcut. For me the main ones are preview and web browswers.

I would be interested to know if it's possible to set the output as trackpad pinch guesture, which is what I really want to replicate.

Hi, Richb, many thanks for your idea. This is a very helpful solution for me.
However, using CMD with + or - to zoom is not as smooth as the touchpad does, it seems it is the only way to do it. I still figuring how to zoom in/out by using the touchpad gesture. :smiling_face_with_tear:

"send keyboard shortcut" and then set that as CMD and the - key

I tried this but nothing happens. BTT does recognize the mouse wheel up and down triggers but it just doesn't do anything. Not in browsers nor in the picture preview for example.

I do have a logitech mx master which seems to be difficult or something, but I don't get why it doesn't work even though better touch tool perfectly recognizes the mouse actions and knows what it should do with it. It just doesn't do it.

Hi tried to set it up as @richb and @Tony discussed here. But it doesn't work at all. Am I missing something?

same here, logically I set it up like you folks - but not working. Anyone managed to make this work and can point us in the right direction please?


Reported here but no one replied yet

My fix to that at the end, was to use the features of the Logitech MX Master 3 without the BTT. I set the forward and backward gesture to be a keyboard shortcut cmd+= and cmd+-.

lol..that's what I did in some apps but it might not be ideal as a global setting such as in finder and chrome.

I think I have identified the issue. I'll add a workaround to BTT soon.


hi, any update on the workaround? TYIA


This much needed functionality is still broken unfortunately.
@Andreas_Hegenberg: Any estimation when it can be fixed?