Is it possible to react to the receipt of an apple message?

TL;DR : within BTT, is it possible to react when an Apple Message is received? If so, how?

Hi folks,

First time poster so please be gentle if you can. This said, I’m an old coder so I’m familiar with this sort of tomfoolery and the terminology etc.

A bit of context: my family uses iPhones but I use Android[+iPad+MBP] and so messages get missed, confusion reigns and so on. I want to build a rudimentary bridge if you will between Android and Apple Messages.

I have the send-apple-message-from-android Use Case working via BTT’s web server & invoking named triggers from MacroDroid on the Android phone - but I can’t see how I can react-to / handle an Apple Message being received.

Any pointers, ideally using BTT, but via any means if necessary - would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately not really, there is no way to listen to notifications for such messages and they are guarded from external access ;-(

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Andreas! No less than the main man himself! - thank you so much for giving us all such a great MacOS penknife, truly. I love eliminating toil from my life and BTT's a champ at that, so :pray:t2:

To business: that's what I feared. Drat. I will start looking into those "automated" Shortcuts in the iOS but I'm not holding my breath.

If I were a cynical man (which I happen to be lol) I'd wonder if Apple provided no means to do as I require in order to safeguard against 3rd party Apple Messages apps and the like...

Cheers, Pete