Is it possible to Hold Trigger Key = Hold Action Key?

In Final Cut Pro, you have the option to hold down keys to act as modifier keys. For example, holding down R for the range tool will activate the tool until it is released. A single tap will turn the tool on.

I'd like to map this to one of my mouse buttons (Naga Pro with keyboard buttons mapped to it).

How do I get bbt to recognize that a key is being held down and to transfer that to the action?

And how do you prevent R from being typed? How is it decided whether "a single tap" activate the function or R is typed?

I don't know Final Cut Pro. But if it works in such a way that the cursor has to be in a certain field, then BTT probably can do that too.

you'd need to configure two separate triggers for your mouse button. One for mouse-down and one for mouse-up.

The mouse down trigger would trigger the R key but only send the "key down" event. The mouse up trigger would also trigger the R key but only send the "key up" event:

Just as further education for me, is the R typed or not?

I think Final Cut Pro has lots of interfaces that don’t accept text, thus it’s not really being typed because there are no textfields :slight_smile:

This is to basically hold a specific key while pressing a mouse button. I think you were looking at it from the other side. (I‘m also not sure whether I understood the request correctly)

Mm, if a field doesn't accept text, just pressing R is enough to trigger something. Then the mouse is not necessary, no? :slightly_smiling_face:

If I understood correctly he wants to trigger such a function without using the keyboard.
Final Cut already offers this by holding R, but it might be easier for him to hold a mouse button instead.

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Thanks Andreas,

I gave your suggestion a try. Unfortunately final cut doesn't recognize the key as being held down - just as a tap.

I did use your method to set it to switch back to the default tool on mouse up, which is working about 50% of the time.

Here's my file.. not sure if I can improve it.

fcp range tool.bttpreset (7.3 KB)

For context, in final cut you hold down the R button + left click and drag to select a range of a clip. Trying to move this all to one button on my mouse.