Is it possible to fix the position of the BTT icon in the menu bar?

I am thinking of replacing Bartender and Dozer by using the BTT action "Show / Hide Menubar Icons Left of BTT icon". However, one part where it fails is that every time the MacBook boots up, or BTT restarts, the icon's position keeps changing. Is there a way to make sure that position is always fixed?

If not, then is there a sure shot way to replacing the functions of Dozer/Bartender using BTT?

Yep you can use bar tender - - which is awesome BTW

ahhh that menubar behavior is a bug, I’ll fix it with the next BTT version.

I wish you had read my post :slightly_smiling_face:

Gotcha, thanks!

LOL Man I totally skipped over the word "bartender".

Just tryna' be helpful.

I wish you understood that :wink: