Is it possible to control KeyboardCleanTool with a keyboard shortcut (or by some other way using BTT)

I have cats.

I'd like to try out using KeyboardCleanTool but I'd like to see if I could get it set up to work with my Touch Portal. It looks like BTT will respond to keypresses while KeyboardCleanTool is active (I can see the HUD overlay), so it seems like I might be able to have BTT do something like start/stop KeyboardCleanTool by way of keyboard shortcut or some other means.

I tried enabling the "start immediately on opening" for KeyboardCleanTool and then have BTT open it if it isn't running (disabling keyboard) and then kill it if it is (enabling keyboard again). However, the AppleScript example I found has KeyboardCleanTool flutter a bit when it launches/hides, and I'd maybe rather not have it flutter a bit like that.

Is there a good way to do this that is more obvious/easy?