Is it possible to click a specific point (X and Y position) of display depending on which monitor is attached?

I use BTT for clicking the 'Done' button in Notion Find (Cmd+F) which annoyingly does not close with the Esc button. Hence in Notion, I've mapped Esc to that position, so it clicks and hence exits the search. Now, I also use my iPad as an external display and obviously the X and Y coordinates of the 'Done' button would vary between my Mac screen and iPad. Is there a way BTT can recognize which monitor Notion is open on and execute the specific X and Y position for the click on that basis?

[Solved] I realised I could set it up relative to the active window since the Done' button is positioned the same relative to the top right corner on any display and Notion will by definition be the active window if it's where I'm typing the Cmd+F anyway. If this helps someone else, perhaps.