Is it possible to assign a keyboard shortcut directly to the right "Cmd" key?


I'd like to assign "Delete forward" which is "Fn + Backspace" shortcut to the "Cmd Right" key which is a key I never use. I always use the left one instead.

But when I press "Right Cmd" in "Trigger Other Keyboard Shortcut" within BTT, nothing happens. How can I do so?


My apologies for misunderstanding you the first time round. Here's another go at it, now that I have (I hope) the right idea of what needs to be done:

First I created a Key Sequence, which I tied to the Forward Delete action:

When recording the key sequence, which is done by tapping on Change Key Sequence, here is the panel that opens up:

The 'r' preceding the ⟨⌘⟩ symbol indicates that the key sequences applies only to the right-command, and not the left. I decided to untick the Required checkbox next to Key UP.

The trigger worked awesomely, although I have now deleted it as I value my right-command button.


Thank you very much. At first, I thought there was again a misunderstanding because I had already tried this without success. But then, I realized that my mistake was that I had already done something using hidutil shell command. That was in conflict with BTT.

So once I cleaned everything nicely, your proposed solution works perfectly.

Thanks again for your help, time and patience.



I didn't want to create a new subject not to pollute the forum too much...

The shortcut works like a charm. I enabled the "Allow to trigger again..." option. But it's probably not what I thought it was.

Now that my Cmd key located at the right of the spacebar is triggering a forward delete, I expected to maintain the right Cmd key down to forward delete continuously several characters. But it doesn't work. I have to lift up the key, then press it down again, etc. to forward delete multiple characters. Is this normal?


Unfortunately the key sequences are not really made for repeating keys.
I'd really recommend to look into a dedicated key remapping tool for your use case (Karabiner Elements is the best).

Thanks for taking the time to answer.