is it possible to add a button inside a group via applescript




I'm currently trying to learn the "add_new_trigger" function from BTT.
While I can nicely create a new button, I do not know how to assign those inside a group bar.

Is it possible?

I can see two work-around:

  1. overwrite the "open/close" group and change the visibility of the button accordingly (messy but should work)
  2. use update_trigger on the full group. But then I guess that I need to provide the json corresponding to all of the button already existing in that group.

In both case, I would need an external database (which I already have anyway)



So far I have

	return add_new_trigger "{
  \"BTTTouchBarButtonName\" : \"test2\",
  \"BTTTriggerType\" : 629,
  \"BTTTriggerTypeDescription\" : \"Touch Bar button\",
  \"BTTTriggerClass\" : \"BTTTriggerTypeTouchBar\",
  \"BTTPredefinedActionType\" : -1,
  \"BTTPredefinedActionName\" : \"No Action\",
  \"BTTEnabled2\" : 1,
  \"BTTUUID\" : \"6A5B29EF-3DB2-4966-86BB-A25B472BF363\",
  \"BTTEnabled\" : 1,
  \"BTTModifierMode\" : 0,
  \"BTTAlternateModifierKeys\" : 0,
  \"BTTOrder\" : 3,
  \"BTTDisplayOrder\" : 0,
  \"BTTMergeIntoTouchBarGroups\" : 0
end tell

but as said above this add the button inside the General part of BTT.

BTT crashes when using update_trigger on the touchbar

Currently you would need to override the whole group as there is no function to insert into a specific group. I think I should add that in one of the next versions.