Is GPT 4 coming to BTT?

Will the new free API be included in BTT (like the 3.5), or is it better to go and add it manually?

I'll need to check the pricing, is that info already available?

If the GPT-4o is the one you are referring to, it's unfortunately still 10x the price of the GPT-3.5 Turbo. I won't add that to BTT by default - so I'd recommend to get an API key if you want to use it with BTT.

I could add an option to purchase tokens within BTT... maybe in the future if there are more AI features.

Gotcha! Had no idea about the pricing difference. Thanks for the update!

Yep GPT-3.5 is really cheap, which is why I can easily offer a base amount of tokens within BTT (currently it's less than $50 that I spend on this per month). But this goes up quickly with the better models, for the GPT-4o it would already be $500 and as BTT is not a subscription model this is hard to include for free.