Is getting midi values through bttMIDIValuechanged broken?

It seems that midi triggers with asynchronous applescripts are not called at all. That makes it impossible to read the midi values.

Midi Device

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: Mac Studio M1
  • macOS version: 14.0
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.331

here is my configuration for the trigger

miditrigger.bttpreset (2.0 KB)

As I did not see any activity on this report, I went out and tracked it down myself (by bisecting the homebrew repository). The problem appeared in version 4.260, 4.258 is fine.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, would you mind confirming and taking a look? This is quite disruptive.

thanks a lot,


I'll have a look! (I did check the code but didn't see anything obvious, but I need to check with a real device)

Excellent, thanks a lot! Hopefully, narrowing down the breaking build helped.

I purchased Better Touch Tool specifically for this purpose, and no combination of settings or scripting I've tried (blocking or async) has managed to share MIDI values with an AppleScript. I even tried downgrading to 4.258 and it still doesn't work.